Oh Sew Pretty…



Spring has officially ‘sprung’; the days are getting longer, the daffodils are out in force and buds are reaching bursting point on branches everywhere.  Despite all these usual signs you could be forgiven for thinking it was still winter with freezing temperatures, bitter winds and snow falling on higher ground.  Staying true to the old adage, March has indeed come ‘in like a lion’ so fingers crossed it will continue as it’s supposed to and ‘leave like a lamb’. Meanwhile, what better way to pass a cold, blustery Sunday than sewing?!

The project I have in mind is a simple one; a nice girly bunting fit for any little princess’s bedroom.  After choosing my material I cut out the triangles for each flag.



Old shirts and blouses have provided me with nice stripes and flowers in soft pinks and blues.  The next step is to sew the rough-cut pieces into the neat triangles of the bunting.


I’ve come to the conclusion that sewing machines are like horses; they know when you’re afraid!  It’s taken me a while, but I’m starting to get to grips with my trusty ‘Brother’ and feel less fearful each time I use it.  This batch of bunting flags are sewn without incident (phew!) and look quite nice together.


After ironing the edges nice and flat it’s time to sew on the felt letters. I’ve chosen to do this after making the triangles because I don’t trust my sewing machine skills and worry that the letters will end up at wildly different heights on each flag.



I like the baby pink of the letters with the raspberry colour of the thread.  Hand stitching each one takes time but I enjoy the rhythm of the work and the result is always worth it.



Now all that’s left to do is run the bias tape along the top to join all the flags together.  Easy-peasy when you have some!!  Time to go shopping for supplies… Tune in next time to se the finished product!


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