Sweet Charity.



The weather is still fine here in Ireland, even if it is very cold.  There are as many hats and scarfs being worn as in the winter months but the sun is shining so nobody is complaining much.  These clear, crisp days are perfect for dog-walking and the beach is a favourite spot for my four-legged friend.  She gets to chase ‘red ball’ and I get to breath some fresh sea air and clear my head.  Perfect.

In a previous post I mentioned my fondness for browsing around second-hand/charity shops. I love looking for hidden gems while knowing that my money is being put to good use helping a charity which needs my couple of euro more than I do.  My latest find is from Ballina, in a shop raising funds for abandoned and neglected horses, where I came across these gorgeous earrings.


It was the green stones that caught my eye, plus they’re dangly.  I love dangly earrings!


They have a kind of ethnic chic about them and are very striking when worn.  But what really interested me was the fact that they have screw backs.


As far as I know this type of screw back for non-pierced ears started to wane in the fifties. This would make my new earrings a little older than I had first thought.  There was another pair in the case alongside them.


These are a very sweet pair of conventional clip-ons with a lovely light green stone.  They’re much more understated than the first pair, more elegant than ethnic, and they have a certain old-world charm about them.


The woman in the shop told me that it was a French woman who donated both pairs and that they had been her grandmother’s.  She obviously had no sentimental attachment and so did the right thing by passing them on to a good cause where somebody else could find and appreciate them.  I’m looking forward to giving them a new lease of life and adding another chapter on to their story.  Sometimes charity really does pay.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Charity.

  1. C’est un grand plaisir pour moi la lecture de ce beau texte au sujet des boucles d’oreilles ; les bijoux ont en effet souvent une histoire à laquelle on peut donner une nouvelle vie.

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