Attic Antics


Don’t you just love attics?  You never know what’s up there, hidden away under a layer of dust and usually long forgotten.  My most recent expedition up into the memory laden loft of my family home proved particularly fruitful.


Meet my mother.  That’s her holding hands with her mother sometime in the early fifties.  What I found in the attic concerns her.  In a broken, flattened suitcase I came across a whole bunch of papers, photos and greeting cards from her and my Dad’s early life together.


Also in the suitcase were patterns.  Gorgeous old sewing patterns with chic, wasp-waisted women showing off the smart late fifties/early sixties dresses.


I like the “7 Day Ensemble” in particular.  It’s a Simplicity pattern, sold for 4/6 in old money, suitable for size 16, bust 36.  These were the days of pounds, shillings and pence; before my time but familiar enough to invoke a certain nostalgia, for what I’m not quite sure.  It says simple to make on the front so I suppose we have to believe what we read!


I know that my mother would have found it simple enough.  She was great at making clothes and would often buy a pattern and material in the morning and have her new dress made by tea time.  This was as well as raising her family and doing the housework.  I’m afraid my sewing skills are far behind hers.  These patterns are way beyond me at the moment, bunting is about as complicated as it gets!


I love the accessories of the women on the McCall’s pattern.  Yes, I know they’re only drawings but they’re so stylish!  Gloves, bangles, pearl necklaces and killer handbags.  You couldn’t fail to impress with this look.


Perhaps I should have a go at bringing one of these patterns to life.  It would be nice to think I’d be making and wearing something that my mother had when she was younger than I am now.  Threads across time…


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