Lizzie red ball

Welcome to Yellow Dog Days, the space where I share my love for all things crafty.  I’m Vicky, a thirty-something year-old living on the beautiful West coast of Ireland, and I love to create.  Whether it’s cooking, baking, sewing or knitting, making things is what I like doing best.  I share my life with my gorgeous husband, two crazy cats and our yellow dog, Lizzie.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Vicky, it’s Fiona here….. Scottish dark haired old git ………. we met in Arles 🙂
    Hope all is well over on the west coast and that the weather is a bit better than Manchester has on offer. I’m not long back from a month in Australia and am in shock without the sun.
    I enjoyed having a look through your blog, lovely photos and dog of course and your work is gorgeous. When I’ve got a baby to buy something special for, I’ll be in touch 🙂
    Off to sooth by poor border collie who is scared of fireworks that have been going off every night since last Thursday, poor we mite.
    Say hello to Brian from me.

    • Hello Fiona! Thanks for stopping by, it’s lovely to hear from you. Bit of a contrast between Australia and Manchester at this time of year! Well, at any time of year really… Hope the fireworks didn’t cause too much upset, Lizzie isn’t bothered by them although you’d never hear any where we live, very quiet! How’s the photography coming along?
      Take care…

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