Bui Crafts Bunting


Today I’m happy to post about my other self: Bui Crafts. Bui (pronounced bwee) is the Irish for yellow, so I’m sure you can see the connection between Yellow Dog and Bui Crafts… It’s all about colour! Actually it’s all about the dog but never mind : ) 


One thing I love to do in Bui Crafts is make bunting. Whatever the occasion, a bunting is sure to please. This pirate fabric is great for all those little Captains out there, whether Jack Sparrow or Hook.


It also looks great with orange letters. A great vibrant bunting that will really stand out in any bedroom or playroom.



I love these classic blues too. Great for new babies and, with a slight vintage feel, this bunting will add a nice touch to Noah’s nursery.


Little pink elephants are teamed with polkadot purple for Líle’s bunting. The soft pink felt letters are hand-stitched with a bright pink for a little girl who loves everything pink!


More pink!!  This time for a new baby so softer and this time with little daisies for a really cute touch.


So Bui Crafts just loves bunting!  If you’d like to see more pop over to my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/buicrafts  I’d be happy to make a beautiful bunting for someone you love. 



Crafts Al Fresco!


Such fantastic weather has made it difficult to stay indoors in front of the sewing machine so I’ve been using every excuse to get outside to make the most of the sunshine.  My friend Sheila introduced me to bauble quilting and it fits the bill for an al fresco craft perfectly: no electricity, no fancy equipment and no sewing! It’s a new addiction and I’m already looking forward to the baubley delights of Christmas!


Apart from sticking pins into balls I can’t leave my trusty ‘brother’ for too long. I found a cute skirt in a local charity shop and thought the pattern would make a great summertime bunting.  The big blue flowers reminded me of board-shorts, surfing and the cool blue of the ocean.


I teamed it with the denim from some well-worn jeans and a light green and white dotty fabric to make a fresh sea-side bunting for Leah.  I used a soft pink felt for her name for just a touch of girly pinkness. Hope she likes it as much as I do!

Lizzie beach

Speaking of the seaside… I think Lizzie is trying to tell me something. Time to go play!!

Baby Booming!!


Lots of babies arriving lately giving me a great opportunity to enjoy even more crafting than usual. Between knitting, sewing and card making I’ve been having busy coming up with cute baby gifts that are relatively quick and easy to make.


My last post closed with a picture of the button love-heart which I had sewn onto a fabric background.  Here it is now made into a cute card to welcome a new girl into the world.


Along with a super-soft bunny and stripy beanie hat, it makes a nice little gift.


Both the bunny and beanie are knit following Debbie Bliss patterns.  The beanie is an old favourite of mine, I love knitting them and think the stripes look great on babies.


Another card I’ve made using fabric squares and hand-stitched felt lettering.  This time for a little boy!


He also gets a stripy beanie, this time in cool blues and white.  Great for keeping little heads nice and warm! There are a couple more babies on the way, we don’t know yet if they’re boys or girls but I’m looking forward to making some more welcome gifts either way.  Hope this baby boom continues!!