Crafts Al Fresco!


Such fantastic weather has made it difficult to stay indoors in front of the sewing machine so I’ve been using every excuse to get outside to make the most of the sunshine.  My friend Sheila introduced me to bauble quilting and it fits the bill for an al fresco craft perfectly: no electricity, no fancy equipment and no sewing! It’s a new addiction and I’m already looking forward to the baubley delights of Christmas!


Apart from sticking pins into balls I can’t leave my trusty ‘brother’ for too long. I found a cute skirt in a local charity shop and thought the pattern would make a great summertime bunting.  The big blue flowers reminded me of board-shorts, surfing and the cool blue of the ocean.


I teamed it with the denim from some well-worn jeans and a light green and white dotty fabric to make a fresh sea-side bunting for Leah.  I used a soft pink felt for her name for just a touch of girly pinkness. Hope she likes it as much as I do!

Lizzie beach

Speaking of the seaside… I think Lizzie is trying to tell me something. Time to go play!!


Old Denims Die Hard…


At last my Sweet William has bloomed.  It’s the first time I’ve grown this butterfly-friendly plant and I’m very happy I gave it a go.  Its lovely pink and white flowers add a gorgeous splash of colour to the garden although I’m still waiting on the butterflies!


While waiting I’ve been busying myself making cushion covers.  Remember last time I had some lovely tea-towel/scrap fabric I wanted to transform?  Well here’s the result.  The first of three summery cushions ready for lounging around in deck-chairs spotting butterflies during our long hot days.  Well, that’s the idea anyway…


Here are the other two.  I love the stripes but I love the patchwork even more!  I teamed the two fabrics I had with some denim from an old pair of jeans and I’m very happy with the result.  The colours and patterns on the fabrics work really well together.  This is my first foray into the world of patchwork and I can already tell there’ll be no going back.  Addictive.  That’s all there is to it.


Staying with summery fabric check out the dress I found at a local jumble sale.  I fell for the polka dots straight away and decided to use the fabric for another project.

polkadot bunting2

The old jeans came in handy again and the denim gives my polka dot bunting a lovely 1950s summer feel.  I think the next patchwork project will involve these two fabrics.  After all the washing and wearing the denim has faded and softened really nicely and it’s always hard to give up on a favourite pair of jeans isn’t it? This way they’ll get to hang around a while longer…